From €295: photobooth hire in Belgium? [100+ booths / 50+ operators]

Do you want to hire or rent a photobooth in Belgium? Or maybe even buy a photobooth in Belgium? Whether you are looking to rent a photobooth in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Bruges, Leuven, Hasselt or Mechelen, we have got your photobooth needs covered! Or maybe you are looking for a photobooth someplace entirely different in Belgium? Also not a problem. No worries, whether it’s for a wedding or a corporate event, such as a company event, a marketing launch, a brand activation, conference or PR event, we’ll make sure you hire the right photobooth! Maybe you are an expat and you prefer to search in English rather than Dutch, we are here to help you.

If you are looking for a ‘photobooth near me’, regardless of where you are exactly in Belgium, we have either operators that service that particular region, or we have operators that service the whole of Belgium, especially the Dutch, ‘Flanders’ region. is the largest photobooth rental platform in Belgium and has more than 50 different photobooth rental companies on its platform, located all across Belgium, from the coast to Luxembourg. In total there are more than 100+ different photobooth models available, in every location and price category imaginable. These are our most popular photobooth categories:

Let us help you find the right photobooth for you to rent anywhere in Belgium. First of all, you can ask us for advice as we are in daily contact with all rental companies and are aware of their experience, quality, prices, availability, competences and possibilities. WhatsApp with Mark on +31 612750976 or email us at

If you would like to provide us with some more information in order to serve you better, you can also fill out the contact form below:

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    How can you use this site to rent your preferred photo booth?

    If you click here, you will be taken to the shop page with an overview of all the different photobooths that are currently available in Belgium, including their standard pricing. The standard pricing typically includes most of the things you are looking for, such as prints, props, receipt of the digital pictures after your event as well as the possibility to personalise the lay out of the prints, for exaple with you (company) name or logo or a wedding date or birthday date. Transport prices are a mixed bag: sometimes it is included (even covering the whole of Belgium), sometimes they are not or only for a set distance. If you click on a profile, you can see more photos, read more information (unfortunately it’s in Dutch, but you can use Google translate to understand the gist of it), and you can fill out a contact form. By using the contact form you directly request a quote and availability from the supplier, including the potential cost of transportation. It is not yet a final booking!

    There are a number of filters in the store that allow you to filter through all the photobooths.

    The first filter is the price; virtually all photobooths have a price for their ‘standard package’. The ones without a price are typically a bit more expensive as they off full customization, rather than standard photobooth packages.

    Next, you can filter based on the type of phootbooth you are looking for, which is basically the list you see in the contact form above, i.e. video booth, GIF mode, open phootbooth, closed photobooth 360 spin phootbooth, greenscreen, video etc.. We also explain the different sorts of photobooths on this page a little further below.

    Then there are a few more filters you can use:

    • ‘Locations’ (‘Leveringsgebied’): which lets you filter in which Belgium provinces the photobooths are available to rent. because even though Belgium is not the largest country, most operators typically operate from a single office and do not serve the whole of Belgium (even though there are exceptions)
    • The next one says ‘Cost of transportation’ (‘Transportkosten’), which simply means whether the cost of transportation is already full included, partly included or full excluded from the packaged prices that are shown.
    • “Huurperiode” means “Rental Duration”: Some photobooths – especially those with a host – are for a limited time, usually 3 or 4 hours, although you can always extend an additional hour for a fee. Those who come without assistance are sometimes rented for a longer period of time, such as 6 hours or 8 hours, or even all day – 24 hours.
    • Next up is ‘Props’. Some photobooths come with sets of props to make your photos more fun. This one is good to know as  props are an essential part of the photobooth fun! Therefore, this option filters ‘photobooths with props’ from the ‘photobooths without props’. Most operators who exclude the props form their package will still be able to offer them to you though, but just for a surcharge on top of the set price.

    What kind of photobooths are there in Belgium?

    There are many different types of photobooths available in Belgium, below you will find the most common categories. Most photobooths are sold in packages, meaning most of the things you are looking for are already included in the price, although sometimes travel costs are not included as they vary between customers, based on their location. When this is the case, it makes sense to find a photobooth near your party venue, rather than across the country (even though Belgium is quite small, those travel costs are still adding up and could be better used for something else, such as a additional feature or more prints or longer rental period.

    The ‘original’ (closed) photobooth

    You can find many closed photobooths with walls or curtains to hide in for a few photos! Ther are not suoer populaur in Belgium, so choice is a bit limited. These usually come with help, but not always, which is great if you’re looking for privacy! Usually you rent them from the photobooth rental companies for 3 or 4 hours (with host) or a maximum of 24 hours (without host). Renting for 24 hours simply means that the photobooth is delivered the day before or picked up the day after the party.

    The ‘open’ photo booth

    Even though it’s still called a photobooth, the “camera on a pole or pillar/stand” isn’t really a booth in the traditional sense. It’s great if you want to have as many people in front of a camera as possible. In the ‘open photobooth‘ category you will also find cheap and affordable photobooths, as many photobooth rental companies offer budget models. Some don’t even have a printer to really cut costs and can be rented for as little as €200! For a simple budget option with a printer, expect to pay around $300 for a DIY model and $350-$400 for a more all-inclusive package and better look 🙂

    The mirror photo booth

    The magic mirror photobooth is relatively new to the scene and a good choice if you’re not into the regular booth. The are quite large, so your guests won’t easily miss them!

    The video booth and ‘phone’ booth

    The videobooth is perfect as a ‘guestbook’ of sorts, if you want to make the booth even more interactive and not just collect pictures, but video’s, for example of your guests wishing you a great marriage or. goodbye from a colleague. The videobooth are also popular in Belgium at conference to record feedback from (potential) customer.

    The ‘phone’ booth is an audio recording device, which lets your guess leave voicemails after they hear your personalised welcome message. It is the newest way to receive and collect best wishes from your loved ones.


    The 360º spinner photobooth

    The 360º spinnerbooth or simply spinner is a videobooth which is clearly on an upward trajectory in Belgium! They are becoming the trend for the 2023 / 2024 season and it is no surprise why. As the camera swirls around you and record you and your friends’ every move while standing on a platform, you will receive a movie which is easily shared on all your social media through your mobile phone. The video can also play a soundtrack and fast forward or go into slow motion video drive. With the 360 degrees camera this photobooth (actually: video booth) is a sure winner

    Renting a caravan and Volkswagen photobooth

    The caravan, Volkswagen or tuktuk photobooth are ideal for outdoor events or large evnets where they can be driven inside a large hall. They are also ideal for festivals and in the summer time. They are slightly more expensive than a regular open photobooth, but definitely deserving! Especially for the caravan photobooth we have operators all across Belgium, which means there is one likely near your event! We also have small ’tri-wheel’ vehicles, like the Vespa photobooth, like the Thai ‘Tuktuk’ which are really popular and unique.

    GIF photobooth hire

    The GIF photobooth is still very popular in Belgium because of the easy nowadays to share the GIF’s and Boomerangs on social media. The booths can typically either be rented as a straight-up GOF booth without a printer (which makes them cheaper to offer), or including a regular photo function and a printer to make sure people also leave with something tangible. One notable option is the 3D GIF photobooth consists of a whole series of camera’s and is able to make a GIF in ‘Matrix’ style: swirling around a person in 3D! What is a Boomerang? It is basically a GIF which goes back and forth in an infinite loop, coming back to the starting picture of the GIF, like a Boomerang.

    Greenscreen photobooth hire

    Greenscreen is ever popular, especially for corporate and B2B events, such as brand activation, product launches, store openings, conferences etc. If you are looking for a photo booth for a wedding or a corporate event, like a corporate party, a conference, a store opening or a brand activation, a green screen photobooth experience is definitely an exciting option for you. Straightforwardly, a green screen photo booth is very similar to a traditional photo booth with a digital twist. Greenscreen allows your guests to choose a digital background for their photos. Your imagination is your only limitation. A green screen photobooth replaces the physical green screen with a digital image. This essentially means that you can have any background you can think of. As long as you own the rights or have permission to use the images. It’s important to remember that copyright comes into play here.

    Mobile photographer for hire

    If you want to create more dynamic photos and you want your photographer to mingle through the crowds, rather than have your guests stand in line at a specific location for their photo fun, than a mobile, or roaming photographer might be the best solution, which can also include a printstation or can work with a Polaroid camera to ensure instant prints are available.

    At last: the budget ‘digital’ photobooths

    A digital photobooth are typically quite inexpensive as they don’t have a printer and you will only receive the pictures digitally (either during the event or after the event has finished). However, due to its low price, you will typically need to find an operator which is near your event, because the low price inhibits the operators from delivering the photo booth too far away. Sometimes you receive all the pictures in an online gallery or through WeTransfer after the event – sometimes even a few days or a week after the event. Some photobooth operators also offer the functionality of either emailing you the pictures during the event, or through BlueTooth, such as Apple AirDrop or WiFi through a QR-code.

    WhatsApp Mark on +31 612750976 or email us at to receive free advice, recommendations or in general need help with finding the perfect photobooth for your event!